Understanding MPGe(Miles Per Gallon Equivalent)

Starting with 2013 model years, part of the NHTSA & EPA joint ruling adopted a common standard to compare fuel consumption of alternative fuel & advanced technology vehicles. This common standard is called the MPGe. MPGe stands for "Miles Per Gallon Equivalent". It means the kilowatt-hours of electricity, kilograms of hydrogen or cubic-feet of compressed natural gas that is equal to energy in one gallon of gasoline.

Advantages of Small Cars

Throughout the 1990's & 2000, sedan's kept getting bigger & bigger, SUV's that were deemed to be for the weekend warrior saw themselves classified into Crossovers, Mid-size & Full-sized tanks. As we progressed into 2000 cars were surely getting bloated with stuff that most people rarely needed. Stuff like 5000 lbs towing capacity, satellite radios, V-8 engines with supercharged turbo engines, the list is endless.

Is it worth to buy a new fuel efficient car, will it save money on gas

Since the high fuel prices have hit, the advertisers would've made you beleive that buying a new automobile that is fuel efficient will save you a lot of money. Really! Well lets see, besides the price you pay at the pump, there are a lot of hidden costs associated with owning a vehicle that you might have long forgotten if you've paid of the loans associated with it. In this article I'll try to provide calculations that'll make you see that buying a new scooter or a fuel efficient car will not necessarily save you money for some time to come atleast.

How to save fuel when driving(Simple tips to get better gas mileage)

Given the current price of gas we all are rushing to the gas pump when the price per gallon drops a couple of cents. But is that all we can do or is there a better way to actually buy cheap gas. Well not really if you think in terms of the money you pay at the pump but when you get extra miles to a gallon from your sedan that is essentially buying cheap gas. Don't believe me, lets try a simple calculation

How to calculate your automobiles average/mileage - mpg, kpl(kmpl), fuel economy

By now all of us are reeling under the pressure of high gas prices. Many are trading in their gas guzzling SUV's for smaller compact cars or ditching them altogether in favor of public transportation. This has prompted folks to ask the long forgotton question of what is the average I get out of my automobile.

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