MPG (miles per gallon) to KPG (kilometers per gallon) Calculator

This is a calculator that'll help you to convert miles per gallon to kilometers per gallon. Do note that although the US gallons & Imperial/UK gallons are different, the conversion factor is the same(1.609). This is because we are only converting the unit of distance i.e. miles to kilometers.

To learn how to calculate your automobiles average/mileage - mpg, kpl(kmpl), kpg, fuel economy, click here.

40.23 kpg

To convert mpg to kpg multiply your miles per gallon(mpg) with 1.609.
Example: 1.609 mpg * 25 = 40.23 kpg

Similarly to convert kpg to mpg multiply your kilometers per gallon(kpg) with 0.621.
Example: 0.621 kpg * 10 = 6.21 mpg

Common Conversion's MPG to KPG

(Full Conversion Table: 1 mpg to 100 mpg | 101 mpg to 200 mpg)

Common Conversion's KPG to MPG

(Full Conversion Table: 1 kpg to 100 kpg | 101 kpg to 200 kpg)

US MPG to KPG Formula Reference Flashcard,  right click to save for reference

US mpg to kpg Quick Reference Card

Note: All calculations are approximations only, please refer to standards documentation for reliable results.