kWh/100 miles(kilowatt hour per 100 miles) to MPGe(mpg equivalent) Calculator

kilowatt hour per 100 miles(kWh/100 miles) is the EPA's way of measuring the efficiency of electric & hybrid vehicles. To keep things simple, EPA provides an equivalent mpg figure for electric & hybrid vehicles(MPGe). This calculator will help you to convert kilowatt hour(kWh)/100 miles to MPGe(mpg equivalent)

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99.12 MPGe

To convert kW/100 miles to MPGe divide 3370 with your kWH/100 miles
Example: 3370/34 = 99.12 MPGe

Common Conversion's kWh/100 miles to MPGe
kWh/100 miles5101520253035404550

(Full Conversion Table: 1 kWh/100 miles to 100 kWh/100 miles | 101 kWh/100 miles to 200 kWh/100 miles)

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kWh/100 miles to MPGe Quick Reference Card

Note: All calculations are approximations only, please refer to standards documentation for reliable results.