How to calculate your automobiles average/mileage - mpg, kpl(kmpl), fuel economy

By now all of us are reeling under the pressure of high gas prices. Many are trading in their gas guzzling SUV's for smaller compact cars or ditching them altogether in favor of public transportation. This has prompted folks to ask the long forgotton question of what is the average I get out of my automobile.

In the past most of the folks were content with knowing how much it cost to fill up the tank but this is not the true measure of what average your automobile gives. In this article I'll show you how to calculate the average mpg you get from your automobile.

For those who don't know, mpg stands for miles per gallon. It can very well be kpl - kilometers per liter in some parts of the world. Basically mpg or kpl is a unit of measurement that says how many units of distance you've travelled for each unit of fuel spent. It's simply an average of the fuel you've spent while driving your automobile, car, SUV, motorcycle, etc.

Before you can calculate the average mpg of your vehicle, you'll need to completely fill up your automobiles gas tank. This is the base line. When you fill up the tank take note of the odometer reading. For our example, we'll assume you filled up on Sunday while the odometer was showing a reading of 44786 miles.

Now go about your regular schedule, driving to work, etc. When it's time to fill her up again, fill the tank completely again. This time, as before take note of the odometer reading. Do also take note of the gallons you filled in the tank. For our example, we'll assume that you filled up the following weekend, the odometer was reading 45107 miles & you filled in 11.25 gallons of gas.

Now we have the necessary data to calculate the average of our automobile. You might need a calculator handy to perform the following calculations.

Step 1
Take the second odometer reading & subtract it from the first.
45107 - 44786 = 321

Step 2
Divide the result from Step 1 by the gallons you needed to fill her up with.
321 / 11.25 = 28.53
This is the average mpg of your automobile.

The final result is that your average mpg was 28.53 or the efficiency of your automobile was 28.53 mpg.

If you live in some part of the world where gas is not accounted for in gallons or possibly you don't account for distance in miles but say in kilometers, the calculation remains the same. Do all the calculations as before but in your final result replace the "m" with the unit of measurement you use for distance & replace the "g" with the unit of measurement you use for fuel.

For example
You record distances in kilometers & you buy fuel in liters, your calculation remains the same but when saying your results you'll say kpl instead of mpg.

It is important to check the average fuel consumption of your car, SUV or motorcycle cause it can show you a pattern over a period of time which can help you save money on gas. For example, in traffic you might waste more fuel & possibly change your commute times. Or maybe before you buy that economy car you can check to see how much you could possibly save & then calculate the potential savings of buying that new car.

With the moral responsibility of cutting fossil fuel usage, knowing how to calculate your automobiles efficiency is one step towards being educated & driving more efficiently.

To convert mpg to kpl multiply your miles per gallon(mpg) with 0.4251

Example:25 mpg = 0.4251 * 25 = 10.627 kpl

Similarly to convert kpl to mpg multiply your kilometers per liter(kpl) with 2.353

Example:10 kpl = 2.353 * 10 = 23.53 mpg

Note:Above calculations are approximations only, please refer to standards documentation for reliable results.